Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Schulich Leader Scholarships – Canada

       I.         General

  1. UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and The Schulich Foundation are the administrators of Schulich Leader Scholarships.
  2. Contenders (“Schulich Leader Nominees”) for each scholarship distributed by Schulich Leader Scholarships (the “Scholarship”) are selected by the high schools, secondary schools and Cégeps (in Quebec) across Canada.     
  3. Scholarship recipients (“Schulich Leaders”) are selected by the participating universities in Canada.  
  4. Only Schulich Leader Nominees are eligible to be selected as Schulich Leaders.
  5. UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and The Schulich Foundation reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, amend or cancel Schulich Leader Scholarships and/or any of the terms and conditions herein, at any time, without notice.

      II.         Application Process  

  1. To be eligible as a Schulich Leader Nominee, the following criteria must be followed:
    1. the candidate must be in his/her final academic year of high school, secondary school or Cégep in Canada;
      1. only Cégeps are eligible to submit Schulich Leader Nominees in Quebec;
    2. the candidate must be intending to enroll in a program at one of the participating Canadian universities in the Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (“STEM”) areas of study;
    3. the candidate must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada; and
    4. the candidate must possess at least two of the following three attributes:
    5. academic excellence;
    6. demonstration of leadership in school-life or community-life or has provided evidence of entrepreneurial talent; or
    7. financial need.  
  2. Only high schools, secondary schools and Cégeps in Canada can participate in the Schulich Leader Scholarships program and each such school does so by nominating one Schulich Leader Nominee per academic year. Cégeps may nominate two students each.
  3. Only the participating Canadian universities may select a Schulich Leader from the pool of Schulich Leader Nominees.  
  4. Each participating high school, secondary school and Cégep is responsible for creating their own nomination process, and shall use the criteria specified in paragraph 6 above when assessing potential Schulich Leader Nominees.  
  5. By submitting the nominee application, the high school, secondary school or Cégep authorizes UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, The Schulich Foundation, Schulich Leader Scholarships, the participating universities, and their respective representatives to collect, use, store and confirm information about the Schulich Leader Nominees as provided on the nominee application submitted (including references) for the purposes of administering and promoting Schulich Leader Scholarships.  
  6. Schulich Leader Nominees will receive access to the online application that will be sent to participating universities only once they have been verified by The Schulich Foundation as a valid Schulich Leader Nominee.
  7. Participating universities are responsible for creating their own Schulich Leaders selection process and must use the criteria specified in paragraph 6 above when assessing potential Scholarship recipients from among the pool of eligible Schulich Leader Nominees.   
  8. Each participating university may select two students to be their Schulich Leaders.
  9. Schulich Leader Nominees can apply to be Schulich Leaders only at the participating Canadian universities to which they have applied or are intending to submit a formal application by March 1 of the respective year.

     III.         Rules Governing Schulich Leader Nominees Selected as Schulich Leaders

  1. Schulich Leaders are responsible for securing their own admission to a participating university in accordance with the requirements and deadlines of each university.  
  2. Each Scholarship will have a value of up to $100,000 CAN, paid as follows:
    1. the Schulich Leader will receive from the participating university, subject to the terms and conditions herein and including compliance with paragraph 17 below, up to a maximum of $25,000 CAN annually, for a period not to exceed four years. Schulich Leaders shall be responsible for all tuition, materials, housing and other costs associated with their attendance at the participating university; and
    2. nothing in the Schulich Leader Scholarships program prohibits a Schulich Leader from also being awarded other scholarships, awards or prizes while at the participating university.
  3. A Schulich Leader must:
    1. attend a participating university on a full-time basis (as defined by the university);
    2. be enrolled in a STEM program leading to a first degree/diploma;*
    3. not commit or be convicted of an indictable offence under the Criminal Code of Canada, Narcotic Control Act or comparable offence;
    4. meet the participating university’s requirement to pass a semester or academic year, as applicable, and such failure has not been excused by the university pursuant to a formal appeal made by the Schulich Leader; and**
    5. not be suspended or expelled by the participating university in compliance with the terms of its applicable code of student conduct, withdraws from full-time attendance at the participating university or changes his or her area of study away from the STEM areas.

      *A Schulich Leader may change disciplines or programs during the Scholarship term, as long as it is in the STEM area of study. 

      ** If a Schulich Leader fails a course, the Schulich Leader must continue to meet the requirements of the participating university so that he/she remains enrolled in accordance with this paragraph 
  4. Subject to the admission requirements and regulations of the participating university, Schulich Leaders may defer enrollment at a participating university for up to one year, or they may interrupt their studies for up to one year, on one occasion only.  Reinstatement of the Scholarship will be conditional on reacceptance by the participating university. Schulich Leaders who fail to return to their university after a one year deferment or who drop out of or transfer from their university will forfeit the Scholarship.
  5. A Schulich Leader will only continue to receive the Scholarship in semesters where he/she is studying abroad or enrolled in an off-campus work-study or co-op program where:
    1. the study abroad, work-study or co-op program is approved by the participating university; and
    2. the Shulich Leader is earning sufficient credit towards the applicable STEM program’s course requirements.
  6. All Schulich Leaders must inform themselves as to the tax consequences of receiving the Scholarship. UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and its family of agencies and organizations, participating universities, Seymour Schulich, his family and business associates and any officials participating in the program are not responsible for any personal tax liability or other liabilities, whatsoever, arising due to the receipt of the Scholarship.
  7. All Schulich Leaders will be required to sign a Declaration and Release which will entitle Schulich Leader Scholarships to use the Schulich Leaders’ name, city, province of residence, and photograph, without further compensation, for any publicity carried out by Schulich Leader Scholarships with respect to the Scholarship, and to indemnify and hold harmless The Schulich Foundation, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and its family of agencies and organizations, participating universities, Seymour Schulich, his family and business associates and any officials participating in the program from any liabilities or damages which may arise due to the Schulich Leaders participation in the Schulich Leader Scholarships program.

   IV.         Schulich Leader Scholarships Online Portal Submissions

  1. Each Schulich Leader will provide the following information through an online portal provided by the Schulich Leader Scholarships administration each semester:
    1. submit one blog post (250 word minimum) highlighting university experience to date along with a photograph;
    2. provide the name of faculty of study;
    3. provide a list of courses enrolled in;
    4. provide final grades received for all courses taken; and
    5. provide a list of any student clubs/associations they are a member of.