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The prestige of becoming a Nominee

Although the end goal is to receive the big $$$ and become a Schulich Leader, it’s important for all students to know that Schulich Leader Scholarships offers many amazing benefits, even if you do not go on to win the actual scholarship.

Here are the key differences between Schulich Leader Nominee and Schulich Leader benefits. Both designations are considered highly commendable achievements that deserve to be recognized and proudly displayed on your resume/CV.

The Working World

Redefining Myself

Spring 2014

It is hard to believe that my first year has already come and gone.

– by Jonah Zankl • Schulich Leader at University of Calgary

Lab Reports

Thinking Back

Spring 2014

Thinking back on my second semester at McGill, I find it both difficult and easy to select defining points of my experience; in four months time, a

– by Daniel Kapustin • Schulich Leader at McGill University

The #2017SLSquad is now complete!

Summer 2017

Western, SFU, U Vic, York, Memorial and Laval make their picks - the gangs all here! 

Three more unis make their picks!

Spring 2017

Waterloo, Queen's and McMaster have all secured their 2017 Schulich Leaders.

A Letter of Thanks

Spring 2017
– by Vivian Tsang • Schulich Leader at University of British Columbia

From Badminton to Powerlifting

May 2017

Wow time has really flown by. It's been two years since I started my journey in Saskatoon.

– by Nimra Dar • Schulich Leader at University of Saskatchewan

Selfies, Saris, and Snake Bites

Spring 2017
– by Cindy Wei • Schulich Leader at University of Waterloo

Five more universities confirm their SL Squad members!

Spring 2017

The #2017SLSquad continues to grow! Joining the mix are U Montreal, U Manitoba, U Sask, McGill and U of T!

Six more Schulich Leaders join the Squad!

Spring 2017

UBC and U of A solidify their 2017 Schulich Leaders!

#SQUADGOALS - The first block of 2017 Schulich Leaders has arrived!

Spring 2017

Dalhousie, UNB and U Ottawa have confirmed their 2017 Schulich Leader Scholarship recipients.

The "Ivey League" of Schulich Leader Scholarships: The Top 5 in 2017

March 2017

The 2017 SLS application period is officially closed and the top five universities in the program are confirmed.

The First Semester is Over

Winter 2016/2017
– by Haleema Khan • Schulich Leader at University of Toronto

Swimming against the current

Winter 2016/2017
– by Kyra Moura • Schulich Leader at Western University

A look back at SLXONTARIO & SLXBC: Connect & Inspire

September 2016

SLXONTARIO (9/16/16)

Adventures Abroad

December 2016


– by Regan Cross • Schulich Leader at University of Ottawa